Target’s New Size Inclusive Brand Fills The Void That Delia*s Left Behind

After seeing photos of the iconic yellow plaid from Clueless popping up on my timeline as people began spotting Target’s new line, Wild Fable, land in stores, I knew I had to check it out for myself.

I spent more moments than I’d care to admit poring over the pages of the Delia*s catalog hoping that something, anything would be in my size so that I could beg my mom to order it for me. Being 6’2″ in high school and wearing a size 11 shoe sadly left me out of the Delia*s craze, so as word of Target’s new brand, Wild Fable, began to spread across social media, my interest was piqued. Could I finally live out my 90s teen dreams as a size 28? 

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is no. For avid Target style watchers, Wild Fable plus size follows a similar sizing structure to another in-house size-inclusive brand, A New Day, by offering numerical sizes up to 26, but the x sizes fitting size 28-30 within size 4x. I made the mistake of visiting my local store on Tax Free Weekend, so lines for the fitting room were unreasonably long (and I was short on patience), so sadly I didn’t have a chance to try any bottoms on. On a refreshing note, the plus size pieces from Wild Fable were mixed in with straight size items at the very front of the store. Sadly, there was a much smaller assortment available and no other items could be found in the plus size department.

Because I like to pretend that I’m a fat Gwen Stefani, the first thing I tried on was the cropped checkerboard jacket. I’ve been known to wear this classic skater print on Vans, but sadly I didn’t feel like it worked on me. It might look different with a leather skirt, but I didn’t feel strongly enough to commit. 

In addition to having a well-documented affection for sheer shirts, dresses, and skirts, the Sheer Strappy Dress caught my eye because it also vaguely reminds me of a lot of the interesting layering with sheer black dresses that Dior has been doing on the runway recently. I bought this dress to bring home and see if I could execute the looks in my head. If not, I will (begrudgingly) return it.

Crop tops are another one of my classic silhouettes, so in theory, this is another piece that should make me feel instantly comfortable. Sadly, I didn’t feel like the way this top was oversized on me was quite what the design team intended and it certainly didn’t look like it did on the model on me. Hard pass.

As my mom and I combed through the racks, there were so many items that were nearly identical to something either I or my best friend wore in high school. The wide assortment of accessories also had a healthy Spencer’s circa 2000 vibe. I didn’t see as many creepers or loafers among the shoe assortment as I might have expected, but I did see a couple of Birkenstock-inspired pairs with added hardware.

The Wild Fable assortment online is robust, so I hope that as the line garners interest more items will move into stores. I don’t trust Target’s fabrics and fit enough to order items blindly online, so I’m strictly an in-store only shopper.

I picked out a few of my favorite pieces from the plus size options to share in the gallery below, but if there’s something that I missed, please tell me about it in the comments below!

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