The Best Products From Charlotte Tilbury At Sephora

In an announcement that shook beauty fans to our core, Sephora announced that iconic British beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury will be sold online and in stores beginning September 13. To help you decide which products are worth spending your hard-earned money on, I’ve assembled a list of my favorite items from the line, as well as the products I can’t wait to try.

Charlotte Tilbury at Sephora Product Recommendations
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks in Penelope Pink (top) and Bitch Perfect (bottom)

Although Charlotte Tilbury won’t be for sale on Sephora’s website in time to take advantage of the upcoming Beauty Insider sale, recent changes to Sephora’s rewards program make it more valuable to shop at the retailer now than ever. Allure notes that the range will be available online on September 13th and in 40 locations throughout the US & Canada the very next day. Judging by the product assortment previewed on Sephora’s website, the entire line isn’t available (most notably Supermodel Body, Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, and Scent of a Dream are missing), however, the products with a cult-like following are well represented.

I understand the beauty community’s excitement for this launch as I remember practically tripping over myself as I rushed to Bergdorf Goodman to swatch Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks at the very first launch of her products stateside. It’s with that same sense of excitement that I share my favorite products that I’ve tried thus far, as well as my wishlist below.

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Get The Look

Charlotte Tilbury at Sephora Makeup Look 2

What I’m wearing:

Foundation: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in shade 3

Concealer: Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer in shade Snow

Bronzer: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Blush: NARS Impassioned

Highlighter: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Eyeshadow: Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Rebel

Eyeliner: Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner in Glossy Emerald

Brows: Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer Pencil with NYX Control Freak Brow Gel

Mascara: Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Lip Liner: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Penelope Pink

K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect, $34

KISSING Lipstick in Bitch Perfect

The lipstick that started it all! My friends who worked on Bergdorf Goodman’s social media team couldn’t stop raving about how special the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick formula was and like any curious Gemini, I had to find out for myself. My friends undersold just how full and luscious the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick formula makes your lips look in a way that is unlike any other formula on the market. I selected Bitch Perfect in part because it was a beautiful peachy nude that could easily be swayed cool or warm by an accompanying lip liner and I found the audaciousness of the name delightful. Since then, t\it’s become one of my signature nude lipsticks, alongside NARS Audacious in Barbara, and I would repurchase this shade in a heartbeat.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow, $68

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

In our highlighter-obsessed beauty culture, paying $68 for a bronzer/contour & highlighter duo might seem inexplicably expensive, but Filmstar Bronze & Glow has what no other product in its category has: reliability. Sure, it’s not my favorite bronzer of the moment or my favorite highlighter, but I know that it will always look great on my skin no matter the season, my skin tone, or the other makeup I’m wearing. Charlotte Tilbury has packed a whole lot of magic into this sleek, rose gold, vintage-inspired compact. As much as I love the packaging, I am miffed that the latch on my own compact no longer keeps the lid closed, but that’s just me being salty. If you are interested in a review of the Medium/Dark shade, my friend Eileen shared her thoughts on the deeper shade, as well as some products I haven’t yet tried.

Magic Foundation, $44

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

If you’re fond of long-wearing foundations like Estee Lauder’s iconic Double Wear or L’Oreal’s reliable Pro Matte, you’ll love Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. Like Filmstar Bronze & Glow, this foundation formula performs consistently & predictably in the very best ways. The finish is described as a demi-matte, meaning that it won’t overly drying your skin, and offers medium-buildable coverage. For reference, I wear shade 3 and it’s a very good match for most of the year.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, $22

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

If I had a $1 for every time Pillow Talk Lip Cheat has been used in a YouTube tutorial, my mom & I would both be driving brand new cars. It is the most perfect nude pink lip liner I’ve ever worn, and in my opinion, the hype is completely warranted. I even have a backup on hand for the bleak day when I sharpen my pencil down to the smallest nub. Like Bitch Perfect, I’m certain this is a shade my makeup collection wouldn’t be complete without.  The popularity of this shade has also spawned a best-selling Matte Revolution Lipstick shade in the same name.

Full Fat Lashes Mascara, $29

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara

As a drugstore mascara loyalist, I regret the day that I tried Full Fat Lashes because it delivered everything I was looking for in a mascara and more. It gave me big, full, fluffy lashes that are a rich and glossy black. It also doesn’t flake or smudge and has an easy to use tapered wand made from wire bristles (as opposed to plastic). If you’re looking for a new prestige mascara to try, this is one you should consider.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Penelope Pink, $34

KISSING Lipstick in Penelope Pink

Made of the same lip-enhancing formula as the aforementioned Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink is lighter and pinker, perfectly pairing with Pillow Talk Lip Cheat. For me, this shade works well with vibrant eyeshadow looks as well as cool-toned smokey eyes, especially in the spring and summer months. If you’re any darker in tone than me, this may not be the shade for you, however, I highly recommend any of the lipsticks in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range. I’m sure there’s a shade within the assortment that you’re bound to fall in love with.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, $46

Light Wonder Foundation

Light Wonder is a beautiful sheer to medium coverage foundation for anyone who craves dewy, luminous skin. It’s most similar to the Glossier Skin Tint or Undone Beauty Unfoundation Glow Tint, although it provides more coverage, as well as a thicker, more gel-like consistency. Although I have worn it alone for more low key days, I particularly enjoy mixing it with the Magic Foundation and other higher-coverage formulas to add a bit of glow. It’s also very helpful in changing the texture of a foundation that is too dry or clings to dry patches, so it can be multipurpose depending on your needs.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Rebel, $53

The Rebel Eyeshadow Palette

As a well-documented lover of green eyeshadow, I couldn’t resist The Rebel being my first Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette purchase. Before her eponymous line, Charlotte Tilbury designed Tom Ford’s eyeshadow quads, so keen luxury makeup lovers will recognize the glitter topcoat shades in the CT quads as having a familiar texture and performance to TF’s. In this particular quad, the lower left deep mossy shade performs on the eye as golden glitter, especially when layered over the deep teal opposite it in the lower right corner. Above that is a beautiful golden olive metallic and opposite a very light shimmer shadow is reminiscent of Stila’s iconic Kitten eyeshadow.

My Wishlist

Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Looks

My Charlotte Tilbury wish list grows with every new release, but here are a few items that have risen to the very top of my list:

Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude

Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Hollywood Contour Wand

Cheek to Chic Blush in First Love and Love Glow

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