A Comprehensive Guide To Undone Beauty

As many of you may know, earlier this year I had the pleasure of being one of seven models featured in Undone Beauty‘s launch campaign. If you’re unfamiliar, Undone Beauty is a new Amazon-exclusive affordable beauty brand that is cruelty-free and vegan (with one product exception that I explain below). Although I was compensated for the photoshoot, any product review or promotion is purely editorial. Because I was sent the entire line at launch, I thought I’d share a comprehensive Undone Beauty review for you!

Undone Beauty Review

After the line launched, the Undone Beauty team graciously sent over the entire line for me, as well as my mom, and we’ve enjoyed diving into such an innovative and exciting new brand. I’ve received so many questions on social media about my thoughts thus far, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive review of each and every product currently available in this post. All products individually are $18 or less, with the majority of the products available for $8 or less. Undone Beauty is like the affordable cousin of Glossier and Milk Makeup, but for people who live a real life.

The products are arranged in order from my most frequently used to least used and overall, the products are of great quality and exceptional value. There isn’t a “bad” product in the bunch, just a couple that isn’t what I typically reach for.

If there’s a detail that I left out, please let me know in the comments below!

My full face of Undone Beauty

The Undone Beauty Look

First up, here’s a look at a full face of Undone Beauty (not including brows and powder, as those are product categories they currently do not make). Overall, the finished look is a more polished and in my opinion better version of the Glossier look. I felt very confident in this makeup and would have been comfortable at a job interview, running into an ex, going to the grocery store, or anywhere in between. (Please forgive the frizz in this photo, the southern humidity does not care if you have to take photos for a blog post.)

What I’m wearing

Unfoundation Glow Tint in shade 3

Conceal To Reveal in shade 3

Lip To Cheek Palette in Blazen

Warm Up Bronzer

Curator Eye Palette in Soft

Light On Mascara

Lip Life Lip Gloss in Beige

Lip To Cheek Palette, $14

Hands down, my favorite product from Undone is the Lip To Cheek Palettes. I love cream blush for many reasons, most notably because I feel like I get more control over the placement and intensity of the color, as well as the gorgeous dewy texture it adds to my cheeks. The pan is divided by intensity, with the sheerest color at the top to the most pigmented at the bottom, allowing for customized color application no matter where you place the color. For size comparison, the compact is approximately the size of a standard MAC blush and contains 0.127oz of product.

How I Use It

Because of the way this product is formulated, it performs best when it has the chance to warm up, therefore using your fingers is the best for application. I prefer starting on the top row for my cheeks, but the third row for my lips. If you aren’t comfortable applying blush with your fingers, you can also try applying it with a beautyblender or a small stippling brush.

Conceal To Reveal, $10

Very similar to the Lip To Cheek Palette, Conceal To Reveal is divided into three pigmentation intensities in one pan. Although I was shade pink petal (shade 2) when we shot the Undone Beauty campaign in March, I’m now shade 3 in all complexion products thanks to my exposure to the southern summer sun. In terms of size, each compact contains 0.323oz and is approximately the size of my palm.

How I Use It

This is the most versatile product in the Undone Beauty line, so I’ve used it for everything from a straightforward concealer, both face and under eyes, to a foundation. The coverage is so customizable that anyone would be able to use this product, no matter what type of coverage they prefer. Because the finish is on the dewier side, I do recommend setting it with powder to maximize wear time.

Unfoundation Glow Tint, $14

If you’re obsessed with the Glossier look, then the Undone Glowy Foundation is for you. In my opinion, the Glowy Foundation is a better version of the Glossier Skin Tint with a better shade range and more affordable pricing, so if you’ve been curious about using something as sheer in coverage, this might just be the product for you. Like with the Conceal To Reveal, I wear shade 3 and I think the shades skew a little lighter than they appear in the bottle, so I’d recommend leaning the slightest bit deeper when selecting your shade online. It does not contain sunscreen, so please be sure to use a sunscreen before application. A bottle of Unfoundation contains 1.13oz, larger than a 1oz standard bottle of foundation.

How I Use It

This very thin formula is best applied with your fingers, as a sponge would soak up too much product and a brush would be ineffective. Used alone, it can leave your skin extremely dewy with the sheerest amount of coverage. You can also pair it with the Conceal To Reveal palette for more coverage or mix it into your favorite foundation to sheer it out a bit.

Warm Up Bronzer, $10

Undone Beauty Warm Up Bronzer
Undone Beauty Warm Up Bronzer

As a perennially pale person, the Warm Up Bronzer was extremely intimidating, but I bravely dipped in with the Apply + Blend Brush (review on the next page). With the right brush and a light hand, this palette could easily work for light skin tones, and a more traditional bronzer brush would make it ideal for deeper skin tones. The bronzing stripes have a satin finish, while the highlighting strips are beautiful, smooth, highlighters in pale pink and champagne tones. This is by far the largest product in the range. The compact is reminiscent of the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer or the Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer and contains 0.248oz of powder.

How I Use It

Using the Apply + Blend Brush, I’ll position the bottom of the brush over the darkest strip and the top of the brush in the lighter brown strip to simultaneously bronze and contour. To bronze and highlight, I’ll position the bottom of the brush over the lighter brown shade and the top in the highlighter strip. I also use the lightest brown shade in my crease for eyeshadow looks, the dark brown to deepen an eye look, and the highlighters for inner corner highlights.

Apply + Blend Brush, $12

This patent-pending brush shape perfectly hugs my cheeks and totally takes the guesswork and time out of bronzing, contouring, and highlighting. The synthetic bristles are soft and flexible, handling more intensely pigmented products with ease. The clear plastic handle gives it a modern feel and the brush overall has a nice weight. Although this shape might look like a gimmick, it’s extremely effective for everyday use.

How I Use It

As I mentioned in the previous page, I use this brush almost exclusively with the Warm Up Bronzer (for more details, please click the “previous” button at the bottom of this post), but I have tried it with some of my favorite bronzers and contouring products and the result is the same. The Undone packaging also mentions that it’s effective for undereye concealer, so trying that is next up on my list!

Eye Shadow + Liner Brush, $8

Similarly to the Apply + Blend Brush on the previous page, the Eye Shadow + Liner Brush has a patent-pending design that at first glance might appear like a gimmick. The curved design makes it incredibly easy to line my top and bottom lash line with shadow and can, with the slightest learning curve, create a cat-eye in one touch.

How I Use It

To use it along your lashline, dip the brush into eyeshadow and “stamp” the brush where you want to place the color. For a more diffused, blended look, use the curve of the brush to blend the shadow that you’ve laid down. For a cat eye or winged eyeliner look, dip the brush into eyeshadow and “stamp” the brush at the end of your lash line with the shortest bristles closest to your lashes and the longest bristles closest to your eyebrow. I don’t recommend dragging the brush like you might be used to with other eyeliner brushes (this was also my mistake), but play around with the brush to find what way works for you.

Curator Eye Palettes, $14

The Curator Eye Palettes are eight-pan eyeshadow palettes with a formula that can be used wet or dry. These eyeshadow palettes are the only product in the Undone Beauty line that is not vegan, due to the use of carmine as opposed to various red dyes. These palettes are, however, cruelty-free. If you’re not familiar with how or why brands still choose to use carmine instead of dyes, YouTuber jenluvsreviews has a very thorough breakdown on this issue that impacts the beauty industry, not just this specific brand.

These palettes are such a breath of fresh air in a crowded landscape of neutral-themed palettes. I’m so excited to see a green eyeshadow in every palette (my favorite shade to wear) and unique color combinations in such a small palette size. There are a few shadow textures, including satin, metallic, and a chunkier glitter, though it should be noted that there are no matte shades in any palette. Each palette contains 0.23oz of powder.

How I Use It

It has been a delight to use and experiment with these shadow palettes. As Undone Beauty is a brand that focuses on an effortless approach to beauty, it should be noted that these shadows apply as well, if not better, with your finger. I’ve gotten the most wear out of the Soft palette due to the combination of rose gold, taupe, and green shadows, though I have certainly used all three palettes to create one look. These shades are surprisingly pigmented, so be sure to use a lighter touch with some shades, especially the white appearing shadows at the front of the palette.

Lip Life Lip Gloss, $5

As with all of the other products in the line, Lip Life lip gloss has a unique approach to lip gloss, with an included “exfoliating tip” applicator on each tube. The tip is made of nubs that gently exfoliate your lips as you apply and reapply the gloss. The gloss texture is very thin and balmy, so it won’t have the same feel as a gel or cushion gloss. The color is sheer but buildable with one shade exception that I’ll detail below. There is a scent but it’s very subtle and nondescript. Each gloss contains 0.282oz of product.

How I Use It

Lip Life is the perfect “plane lip”, meaning that it has a hydrating, treatment aspect with a hint of color that doesn’t need to be maintained or monitored. This isn’t the sort of gloss that you’d wear when you want to look like you’re wearing gloss, so it’s best for the times when you don’t want to worry about your lip color.

Clear: Although the tube has the slightest tint of pink, that doesn’t show on the lips. At most, it creates a healthy-looking tone.

Beige: This is the most neutral of the glosses in a shade that can best be described as a warm sheer coral. There’s the slightest bit of shimmer in the tube but I can’t see it on my lips. It pairs well with the Lip To Cheek in Blazen and was the perfect lip to wear to an Italian dinner, as I didn’t have to worry about getting color on my chin just below my lips.

Infinite Pink: Wildly unlike the other shades, Infinite Pink stained my lips during wear. As you apply it, it appears to be a perfectly innocent sheer shade of pink, but it deepens over time. It’s great for creating popsicle lips or refreshing your favorite berry-toned lipstick.

Cherry: Most similar in formula and consistency to Beige, Cherry deepens my natural lip shade ever so slightly. The color may look intimidating in the tube, but the shade is more mauve than red on the lips. It’s another great choice for neutral lip lovers.

Precision Brush, $6

The Precision Lip Brush is designed specifically for lip application, focusing on creating the illusion of fuller lips by helping users to define, line, and fill lips with a patent-pending shape. The pointed tip shape makes it easy to reach my cupid’s bow (the peak at the top of your lips) and to clean up lip lines when I wear bolder lip colors, so I absolutely agree with the product claims.

How I Use It

In addition to using it for apply lip color, most specifically from the Lip To Cheek compacts, I also have tried using it to apply shadows from the Curator Eye Palettes while wet for more intense color payoff. The synthetic bristles make it a great applicator for cream products like concealer, as well, so this brush is certainly more versatile than its name implies. I don’t often apply lip color with a brush, which is why this brush isn’t higher up in my product rankings.

Light On Mascara, $8

Light On Mascara claims to be a light-reflective mascara with holographic pigments. The black shade is indeed light-reflective, but the pigments are more duochrome than true holographic. The tube is the same as the Lip Lights gloss, which will help in getting more product on the wand or reaching more mascara. Speaking of the wand, it’s a wire bristle brush that is reminiscent of Maybelline Great Lash or Lancome Definicils. Swatched on my hand, the shade appears more blue-black than true black. The only claims the formula makes is to lift lashes and it’s a more wet formula.

How I Use It

Typically I reach for this mascara on more low-maintenance days when I don’t want fluffy, big lashes, which truthfully isn’t very often. I personally prefer the wands of mascaras like L’Oreal Voluminous or Maybelline Total Temptation, which are also wire-bristle wands, but are larger and tend to accompany a drier formula. Although I love the color of the formula and the light-reflecting aspect, I generally want more dramatic lashes than this mascara provides.

Seamless Brush, $18

Undone Beauty Seamless Brush
Undone Beauty Seamless Brush

Last, but certainly not least, is the Seamless Brush for face & body. Keeping in line with all over brushes from the brand, this brush’s shape is patent-pending. The domed handle fits nicely into the palm of my hand and the arched shape is intended for bronzing, highlighting, and buffing the face and body.

How I Use It

I sincerely wish that I was the kind of person who had a need to highlight or bronze my body. If I did, I would absolutely reach for this brush because it’s so comfortable to hold and use. It glides around the curves of my shoulders and hugs the curves of my legs with ease. Perhaps someday I’ll have visible collarbones and I’ll use this brush to signal to the heavens that I am ready to ascend to my final form, but sadly today is not that day.

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