Introducing Undone Beauty: A New Affordable Makeup Brand

Back in March, I traveled back to NYC to be in a photoshoot for a brand new beauty brand developed by a longtime friend. I’m so excited to finally share the launch of Undone Beauty, a new brand that has a fresh approach to the beauty industry: unretouched images and affordable products that use vegan ingredients and are cruelty-free.

Undone Beauty Contouring & Blending Angled Brush
The Contouring & Blending Angled Brush

If you’re a beauty lover, watching the endless parade of new releases, recycled innovations, and influencer collaborations can be exhausting, which is why when something truly different comes along, it’s exciting. Undone Beauty is a brand new beauty launch, exclusive to Amazon, that is here to flip the entire industry upside down.

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to have innovative formulas, thoughtful packaging design, vegan ingredients, and cruelty-free formulas for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Undone Beauty was created by beauty industry veterans (seriously, they’ve quietly developed your favorite products) with modern beauty ideals in mind.  The campaign images, featuring yours truly on the product pages, are unretouched and without the usual industry trickery. The photoshoot was such a warm, inviting, and collaborative environment, a tone set by the brand and the people they chose to work with. Undone Beauty is truly something special.

With Prime Day (July 16) rapidly approaching, I wanted to share my favorite products from the shoot so that you have the chance to scoop them up for up to 50% off if you’re as excited for the launch as I am. Prices right now range from $3.50 to $25.90, but they will return to full price after July 16.

For my comprehensive Undone Beauty review, I shared my thoughts on every product currently available from the brand. The products mentioned below are just an assortment of my first-impression favorites from the photoshoot.

Undone Beauty Lip + Cheek Cream

Lip + Cheek Cream ($4.54)

As a lover of cream blush, Undone’s Lip + Cheek Cream was the first product that caught my eye. Each stripe in the pan represents a different opacity, from sheer to fuller pigmentation, to truly customize the color on your lips & cheeks. 

Undone Beauty Sheer Lip Tint

Sheer Lip Tint ($3.50)

I’m so excited that we’ve found our way back to glossy lips! The Sheer Lip Tint is exactly what it says: a hydrating balm with a glossy finish and sheer pigmentation. It comes with the added bonus of a gently exfoliating tip, so you’re exfoliating as you apply. Use this on long-haul flights and you’ll never have crusty lips at customs ever again! 

Undone Beauty One Touch Cat Eye Brush

One Touch Cat Eye Brush ($4.20)

It’s no secret that I have always and will always love winged liner and this eternal love played a huge part in my being selected for Undone’s campaign. You see, the One Touch Cat Eye Brush is so special that you can, literally, create a cat eye with a single touch of the brush, thanks to its patented shape. 

I already filmed a tutorial with the Undone team on how to use this unique brush, but if you’re an eyeliner obsessive like me, I didn’t want you to miss out on picking it up for less than drugstore lipstick. 

I’m so excited to dive in and play more with the products next week. Full disclosure, I was compensated for the photoshoot, but sharing or posting was not at all required. My excitement for the brand, products, and people behind it is genuine!

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