The Affordable Intimates Line You’re Missing Out On

It’s a tale as old as the modern fashion industry: plus size women are (almost) always left out and the intimates category is no exception. Although Target has scored major media points with their size-inclusive clothing lines, they quietly expanded the Ava & Viv range to include bras, underwear, and other intimates essentials. 

As a size 28, my underwear options are embarrassingly limited. Just My Size, Fit For Me, and Lane Bryant are essentially the only retailers interested in entering my panty drawer, with JMS & Fit For Me having limited retail distribution beyond Wal-Mart. I gave up searching Target’s intimates section for my size years ago, so imagine my surprise when a disorienting turn through my local store’s newly renovated aisles placed me squarely in front of an Ava & Viv endcap stocked with bralettes and underwear from size X up to size 4X. If you’re unfamiliar, Ava & Viv’s 4X surprisingly fits sizes 28 & 30.

Although the only styles currently available are basics, the elevated lace details, fashion colors, and range of nudes makes the assortment extremely appealing. Panties are $7.99, bralettes are $17.99, and bras are $21.99, making the line affordable, especially outside of Lane Bryant’s Cacique semi-annual sale events. Although I am delighted by the size range for panties and bralettes, I am frustrated by the very limited bra sizing, only offering sizes 42C – 46DDD. Hopefully, this line finds success and Target is encouraged to expand the cup sizes.

Out of the two pairs of underwear that I purchased, I do find that they seem to run about a half size too small. If you are in between sizes and have the luxury of sizing up, I’d recommend at least considering a larger size. The hipster & brief fit alright, but it could have been better. If you aren’t fond of digging through Target’s haphazardly organized intimates section, try the in-store pickup option to save yourself the frustration.

Now if we can only get this refreshing change to make its way to Target’s sleepwear section, I’d truly be a happy lady. What do they think we’re wearing to bed, Tweety Bird t-shirts?

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