These Are The 4 Best Handbags For Plus Size Bodies

Dagne Dover Petite Tote

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Truthfully, I never thought I would be the mini bag type, even throughout the height of the trend. It wasn’t until the Dagne Dover team gifted me with a Petite Tote that I not only understood the hype for the bag style, but I finally believed that mini bags could work on someone my size.

Although I was initially disappointed that the longer strap didn’t work crossbody on me, I quickly moved past those feelings. That being said, I think it would be a smart move for Dagne Dover to offer different strap lengths since their designs focus so much on functionality.

Part of what I feel makes the Petite Tote different from other micro bags are the stiff handles that add a bit of height to the overall shape. I can also easily slip my wrist into the handles if I want to carry it more securely, as opposed to on my shoulder with the longer strap.

I have a Dagne Dover Card Case and Key Leash that I use almost exclusively with this bag, allowing me to carry my phone, lip product, mirror, portable charger, and charging cable with ease. This is the bag I typically reach for when I’m going to be in a crowded festival or concert environments because it not only holds everything I need but keeps my wallet very secure.

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