Size-Inclusive Style: The Best Plus-Size Jeans for Every Budget

The best plus size jeans you can buy right now | Sizes 10 - 40

White jeans are essential in any wardrobe, but they aren’t always the easiest to find in on-trend silhouettes for plus sizes. From straight leg to cropped, to distressed, and even trouser styles, these are the white plus size jeans for sizes 10-40.

How To Pick The Best Pair Of White Plus Size Jeans

I won’t lie – white jeans can be intimidating. Thin fabric, poor fit, and stains are just a few of the reasons I’ve avoided wearing white jeans in years past. Fortunately, the days of scary white denim are behind us. To pick the best pair of white plus size jeans, you need to:

Feel comfortable with the fit

Seems like a pretty obvious step, but if you’re not feeling great in the jeans, the jeans won’t look good, plain and simple.

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ELOQUII Wide Leg White Plus Size Jeans


sizes 14-28

Torrid Wide Leg White Plus Size Jeans


sizes 10-30

short, medium, & tall

Test the fabric thickness

Finding the right balance between the fabric thickness and a comfortable amount of stretch is key. If the denim is too thin or stretchy, you may have a difficult time finding undergarments that work well with the opacity of the fabric.

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The right pair is out there

White jeans are a staple that might take a few pairs before you find the right combination of fit and fabric. If the first pair doesn’t work, don’t lose hope! Just make sure you’re either buying in-store (a luxury, I know) or purchasing from online retailers with a customer-friendly return policy.

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sizes 14-30/32


sizes 14-38/40

short, medium, & tall


sizes 14-28

petite, standard, tall

How To Keep White Jeans Bright

Finally, when it comes to washing and caring for your plus-size white jeans, it’s important to follow the care instructions on the label. White denim can be prone to yellowing and fading, so it’s best to avoid harsh detergents and washing with other dark-colored items. Instead, opt for a gentle detergent and wash your white jeans separately. To keep them looking their best, it’s also a good idea to avoid wearing them on especially hot and humid days, as this can cause the fabric to yellow and discolor.

I use products like Shout Color Catchers to absorb dye in my laundry, Tide To Go Pens in every bag for accidents, and Oxiclean White Revive in every white load of laundry.

What are your favorite white jeans?

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