What It’s Like To Shop In Old Navy’s New Plus Size Department

When Old Navy released the news that they were bringing plus sizes back to their stores after over a decade of offering plus exclusively online, fashion news websites enthusiastically shared the news. Headlines exclaimed that up to size 30 will be available in 75 locations across the country, and although those locations have not been announced, I discovered that my local store is included in the 75. Although I’m excited to have more brick & mortar shopping options, what I saw in the store didn’t match the headlines.

Earlier this week, my mom & I took a trip to our local Old Navy store looking for new jeans for her. My experience at Old Navy, which used to be one of my favorite retailers, has been almost exclusively online, except for the occasional plus size online return that eventually gets marked down to $3.99 and stuffed in the corner of the clearance section. Upon entering the store, I immediately headed for the clearance section and didn’t bother to look around. After I turned around to hand my mom a pile of clothing in her size, a plus size mannequin caught my eye and just beyond the mannequin is where I saw it: the new plus size section! I hadn’t heard any news about which specific stores would be receiving plus and I certainly didn’t expect it to happen in my local store.

First and foremost, the first thing I noticed when I started looking through the denim table was that my size, size 28, was nowhere to be seen. As you’ll see from the photo above, Old Navy is only carrying numerical sizes 16-26 and sizes 1x-4x in store. It’s frustrating that once again, the two most underserved sizes are still relegated to the online experience, though I am grateful that the size 4x options were plentiful. As I’ve mentioned many times, Old Navy’s denim is my favorite, so I was really hoping to explore more styles outside of my beloved boyfriend jeans.

The biggest shock was seeing promotions available in straight sizes also being extended to the exact items in plus size. Old Navy is notorious for offering “jeans for the entire family” but excluding plus sizes from their promotions, something I have called the company out for time & time again. The black & silver polka dot tee (photos below) was both $6 in plus and straight sizes. However, this is not true for all items across the board. As you’ll see below in my dressing room photos, some items were cheaper in-store and some items were cheaper online. I would definitely ask your local store while shopping if they will be price matching online promotions. (I’ll be calling my local store and updating this post as I receive more information.) While checking out, I asked the cashier if they were able to order sizes that weren’t available in-store and she confirmed that if you place an order in the store, shipping is free. They also have a new option where you can order online & pick up in-store based on the store’s stock availability.

I enthusiastically selected an assortment of items to try on, but sadly since no jeans were available in my size and I was wearing a dress, the only bottoms I was able to try on were leggings. All items that I tried on are a size 4x, my usual size when ordering from Old Navy online. My apologies that these photos were taken with my phone. If this impromptu experience has taught me anything, it’s that I should always be carrying a camera with me.

And now, onto the fitting room!

What do you think about Old Navy’s new revamped plus size section? Is this something you’ll be seeking out in your local stores? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. 8.30.18
    Pretty Lady said:

    Do you find their sizes too big at times? It feels like some of their shirts just swim on me! Also, some of the prints feel so damn old ladyish! I’m happy they are back in store as at least now I can try before I buy 😉 and you look fab in these offerings. Love that cute sweatshirt and the polka dot t!

    • 8.30.18

      Rarely, if ever do I find their sizes too big, but in fairness, I’m not shopping at Old Navy for anything other than comfy, casual clothes. I’m not always a fan of their prints, but when they do them well, they’re a hit. I usually buy stripes, basic tanks, and all my chambray for them. I really loved the sweatshirt, too! If it had been 40% off in store I might have brought it home, but at 30% off, I wasn’t prepared to pay $20+ for a sweatshirt right now.

      • 8.30.18
        Pretty Lady said:

        ITA! about the designs! last year they did this cute lace t-shirt and it was adorable! I was all, “Why can’t they do more stuff like this!?” I also like their jean jackets! I’m a total geek so I’m always cutting up some t-shirt from my many fandoms and sewing it on the back of an old navy jean jacket! There prices are sometimes jacked even with sales. I find the non-plus sizes much cheaper :-/

        • 8.30.18

          I have so many basics from Old Navy in my closet that I wish they would keep producing in different colors. I had no idea that you were the DIY style type. Color me impressed! Their plus stuff is definitely overpriced, which is why I am so relieved to see some promos being extended across sizes. I’m not sure how long it will last and I definitely recommend comparing prices online, but there are some good things to be had!

  2. 8.30.18
    Kymberly M Goins said:

    I love it!! I’m so excited. All that clothing looks gorgeous on you. Now, I’m trying to remember where a close Old Navy is for me. I stopped shopping there too as I could barely ever find anything for me. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and giving us a view of such cute available things!

    • 8.30.18

      Thank you so much! Definitely call store locations before you head out. I’ve heard from other readers that they have been calling stores in their area and having mixed results. For some people there has been only one location in the state. Please let me know how your search goes! ?