ELOQUII Launches Clothing Rental Subscription Service, ELOQUII Unlimited

ELOQUII is the latest retailer to launch a clothing rental service, ELOQUII Unlimited, stepping into a ring dominated by Rent The Runway and Gwynnie Bee. Interestingly, both retailers have previously offered products for rental on their platforms. ELOQUII hasn’t generated many headlines since it was acquired by Walmart nearly two years ago.

What is ELOQUII Unlimited?

Currently, ELOQUII Unlimited (sizes 14-28) is only offering one subscription tier: $79 per month for four items rented at a time (US only) with a monthly limit of 16 items. Similar to other major players in the space, Unlimited offers free shipping & returns, unlimited exchanges, and free dry cleaning. It’s worth noting that in 2018, Rent The Runway was named the world’s largest dry cleaner by The Economist.

I attempted to sign up for the 30-day free trial as soon as I received the email announcement, but there seemed to be an issue with the payment processing service. I will retry in order to post a size 28 review ASAP.

Can you rent everything on the ELOQUII website?

ELOQUII Unlimited Product Assortment
ELOQUII Unlimited Product Assortment

A quick comparison of the ELOQUII Unlimited and ELOQUII’s new arrivals page reveals a stark difference in product assortments. ELOQUII is known for offering trend-driven, quality fast fashion, and although Unlimited has a few trend & occasion items available, the mix seems targeted mostly towards business professionals.

How does ELOQUII Unlimited Compare to Gwynnie Bee?

(disclosure: I receive a gifted monthly Gwynnie Bee subscription)


ELOQUII Unlimited is currently only offering 4 items per month for $79.

Gwynnie Bee offers 5 subscription plans, ranging from 1 item per month for $49 per month to 10 items at a time for $199 month. Most comparable to ELOQUII Unlimited would be the 3 items per month plan for $95 per month.


ELOQUII Unlimited offers sizes 14-28, the same range of sizes offered on the ELOQUII site.

Gwynnie Bee carries sizes 0-32, however, as a size 28, I have noticed a decline in the number of options available in my size.

Who is ELOQUII Unlimited best for?

In my opinion, ELOQUII Unlimited is best for professionals who already know & love the ELOQUII fit, and those in hard to shop sizes (24-28).

What do you think? Will you be signing up for ELOQUII Unlimited?

Ultimately, this is a very interesting announcement. The retail landscape is rapidly changing due to the global pandemic, so this could be an effective way of moving excess inventory and engaging customers who have reprioritized their clothing budgets over the past few months. I’m sure the team has gained a lot of insight into the rental business from the prior partnerships with Rent The Runway and Gwynnie Bee.

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