Not All Sheet Masks Are Created Equal

There aren’t many sheet masks that I’m wild about. Most are purchased out of sheer convenience, the others out of curiosity, but it is a rare day when I’m so excited about a sheet mask that I would sing its praises far & wide. Friends, today is that day. No other sheet mask is more hydrating on my skin than the Purlisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask.

The lovely team at Purlisse sent over two boxes of masks after I was diagnosed with cancer, which was an incredibly lovely gesture. I don’t remember having tried much from the brand before, so I was excited to dive in. To put it bluntly, I was blown away by how moisturizing these made my skin feel. Other sheet masks feel like serum wrapped in self-care, but with the Purlisse version, I know that the essence is actually doing something. Afterward, my skin feels intensely hydrated and borderline bouncy, just from a 20-minute mask.

Purelisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask

As for the fit, I have never found a sheet mask that fits my face, however, I don’t have any overwhelming issues (too small, eye/nose placement, etc). The scent is a pleasant, generic sort of skincare scent. Side note: has anyone ever taken a picture in a sheet mask and not looked like a serial killer?

My only complaints about the Purlisse Blue Lotus and Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask are availability and price. An individual mask is $8, which is a little steep for a brand that you’re not familiar with and have to order online. I wish you could find them at Ulta, however, you can also get a box of six for $36 and Purlisse does offer a discount for first-time shoppers. My mom would also like me to mention that she’s a big fan of their Daily Lip Nourisher.

If you’ve tried anything else from Purlisse, please let me know. These masks were a delightful discovery and I’m interested in checking out more.

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