I Spent $5,000 On My Handbag. Also, Please Don’t Mug Me.

Ever since I became fashion obsessed, I’ve always wanted a Chanel bag. As I grew older, I went through various emotional stages including (but not limited to): “You want me to pay what for that?!”, “Everyone has one…”, and of course “I want one so badly that I’ve started dreaming about them.”. When I made the decision to go back to work full time, I bargained with myself that if all my terms were met, I would finally buy one for myself as a present. So, I did.

Previously, the most expensive items I’ve ever purchased include my iPad 2 and an Alexander McQueen scarf on the day of his death. Dropping a couple hundred on a handbag, while intense, had become less shocking – made evident by the number of DKNY and Rebecca Minkoff handbags in my collection. But nothing could have prepared me for the actual buying experience.

One night after work, I raced over to the Chanel SoHo boutique with the lovely Dina from Eye4Style. Please note that no one should make large purchasing decisions alone. I’d gone into the store with a clear vision. I wanted the classic 2.55 bag in the maxi size (the largest, obviously) in black lambskin with gold hardware. Sadly there wasn’t any gold hardware available and frankly, the silver doesn’t look the same against the black leather. Then, I saw it. The gorgeous deepened teal that mimics so many of my favorite nail polish shades and goes so nicely with navy, red and purple. I was in love.

Fall 2011 Chanel Classic Flap Maxi

As the sales associate began to carefully (and lovingly, I might add) package up the bag, I began to break a sweat. I was so nervous. Even though I had the funds available, the more moments that passed by the more nervous I became. I wished that she would just swipe my credit card so the worry would be over with. Can you possibly imagine how humiliating that conversation would be – in Chanel, of all places?!

Of course, my anxiety was baseless and everything was perfectly fine. I walked out of the store feeling like a million, trillion bucks until reality set in which sounded something like the words “please don’t mug me” echoing through my head. The bag isn’t allowed on the floor, near liquid and makes me incredibly nervous on crowded subway cars. It was worth every penny.

Do I feel different? A little. I feel like I worked hard for something that meant a lot to me and I achieved a life goal. Pretty great for a random Thursday in October, if you ask me.

What was the last thing you did for yourself?

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  1. 10.18.18
    Michelle said:

    I did this in Rome. My first Gucci bag, but as time went on I sold it in a fit of Unemployment and that money got me so far. However, I struggle between treating myself and wanting to see money in my account. I hope one day I can get to a point where I can do this though. However, I do have some dream items that I would love to treat myself to. I think I’ll treat myself to something nice when I finish this degree. More than likely it will be something along the lines of a handbag.

    • 12.7.18

      First of all, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. I was so excited to read it and reflect on the moments that I also almost sold this bag, but I haven’t been able to make that choice for myself yet for so very many reasons. The older I get, the less likely I think I am to make these investments, which in a way feels like the opposite of the way that I hoped my life would be. I’m so proud of you for continuing your education and I cannot wait to see you shake all the tables. Your patience and tolerance inspires me every day.

  2. 1.3.19
    Adri Ramírez said:

    Which brand are your jeans? I’ve been looking all day for something alike and can’t find anything 🙁

    • 1.3.19

      Hi Adri, I believe they were from Old Navy and were a flare style. I’m not sure if they would have anything similar as these photos are from 2011, however, I do swear by Old Navy jeans, particularly because of the variety of lengths they offer in plus sizes. Hope that helps! xo

  3. 1.29.19
    Adri Ramírez said:

    While we don’t have Old Navy where I live, now I know which style I need to find.
    Thanks a lot!! ?