How To Create Your Own Color Depositing Conditioner

The first thing that people will mention to you is how difficult red hair is to maintain. Without getting too scientific, the red dye molecules are the largest, which means that they’re also the first to slip out of your hair. I’ve tried everything from frequent color refreshes to pushing the boundaries of cleanliness between washes, but that can be damaging and gross. Color depositing conditioners have always been an option, but I didn’t really feel like any of them were formulated with the shade of red that I prefer. I’ve also watched many YouTube gurus mention the concept of making your own color depositing conditioner, but none of them shared specifics and I also couldn’t find a blog post that I felt educated me enough to try it myself.

This week I felt adventurous and decided one evening to pick up a tub of Manic Panic on my way to a party, and I was blown away by the results.

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  1. 8.24.18
    Danielle Fielding said:

    Not washing your hair does NOT cause damage. OVERWASHING causes damage. I was my hair 1-2 times a month, 3 if it gets dirty. Please dont spread false information. Its also not gross tyvm.

    • 8.24.18

      Hi Danielle, Thank you for sharing your perspective. My hair is very fine and within most weeks it’s next to impossible for me to stretch my hair to even three days between washes. In addition, because my hair is bleached, it’s important for me to continue adding moisture into my strands and although I add oil and leave in conditioner regularly, my fine hair can’t handle much product. I’ve discussed this issue with many stylists and brand experts, and different hair types react differently. This post was written from my point of view and with my experience. It’s clear that you too are passionate about this topic and if you’ve written any pieces or find any resources relevant to this topic, I’d be happy to take a look.

      • 10.9.18
        Evie said:

        I agree with Sarah. Fine hair gets oily very quickly. While that may work with your hair, it isn’t the standard for all hair types.

      • 3.16.19
        Amanda said:

        I actually have very fine hair(also pretty long hair) and I agree with Danielle.

        I had move my hair washing to once every two weeks because of how damaging I found frequent washes are for me. But there are many factors that go into what is and isn’t damaging, as well as the perspective of the individual, aka at what point does the oil become too much. Factors like length, texture, thickness, styling techniques, products, weather, ethnicity, how much oil your scalp produces, etc.

        Anyhoo thank-you for the article, it is exactly what I was looking for. I have a bottle of Arctic Fox waiting to be used, will be trying this technique with my next wash!

  2. 9.22.21
    Kara said:

    You have a beautiful smile.