My ELOQUII Unlimited Review As A Size 28

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ELOQUII Unlimited Review Table of Contents

As a longtime Gwynnie Bee subscriber (my subscription is gifted from the brand, however, I was a paid subscriber prior to our relationship) I was elated when ELOQUII announced they were getting into the subscription game with ELOQUII Unlimited.

I signed up for the free trial, put 12+ items in my closet, and eagerly awaited my first delivery. From my initial pool of items, I received the Ruffle Neck Mock Wrap in Galentine’s Day (no longer available, the Peach Lift Button Fly Jean in Dark Wash, $99.95, the Mixed Media Blouse, $69.96, also available in white, and the Slim Trouser With Side Stripe in Black & White. I received the items promptly, especially considering how strained the USPS is at this time.

ELOQUII Unlimited Pricing

I signed up for a free trial of the $79 (plus tax) plan, which gives subscribers access to four items out at a time. Unlimited exchanges, free shipping and returns, and discounts on items at home are all included in the subscription fee. These are consistent with Gwynnie Bee’s plans, though you receive more items for a lower monthly fee with ELOQUII Unlimited.

ELOQUII Unlimited Product Selection

Unlike with Gwynnie Bee, all items available through ELOQUII Unlimited are available in the advertised size range, 14-28. Since ELOQUII’s relaunch, they have been known as the Zara of plus size fashion, aka on-trend pieces with a mix of casual, business, and special occasion styles.

While all of the items offered via Unlimited are currently or were once available on the main ELOQUII website, the assortment is safer and more wearable.

Here’s a breakdown of the items I received and the outfits I created with the four pieces.

My ELOQUII Unlimited Outfits

ELQOUII Unlimited Review Outfit 1
ELQOUII Unlimited Outfit 1
ELOQUII Unlimited Review Outfit 2
ELOQUII Unlimited Outfit 2
ELOQUII Unlimited Review Outfit 3
ELOQUII Unlimited Outfit 3

Outfit One

ELOQUII Ruffle Neck Mock Wrap in Galentine’s Day (no longer available and Peach Lift Button Fly Jean in Dark Wash, $99.95

Outfit Two

Mixed Media Blouse, $69.96, also available in white and Peach Lift Button Fly Jean in Dark Wash, $99.95

Outfit Three

Mixed Media Blouse, $69.96, also available in white and Slim Trouser With Side Stripe in Black & White

Customer Service Experiences

Although I didn’t exchange my items for different styles, Twitter user @Elle_Lo shared that during her subscription, she wanted to keep one out of the four items at home to try with different bottoms. She was given two options from customer service: return all at-home items or buy the item she wanted to try with other styles.

And in fact, this is stipulated in the description of the ELOQUII Unlimited service. “When you’re ready for a new box, send back all four items or purchase your favorites at a members-only discount.” This is a stark contrast to Gwynnie Bee’s service, which allows you to exchange any number of at-home items for another piece in your closet.

I signed up for the free trial for review purposes, when I went to cancel my membership, I was surprised that the only options for cancellation were via phone or email. I emailed customer service and fortunately, received a very quick response. I was offered $20 off my next month’s subscription if I wanted to continue. I confirmed the cancellation and was told that the items must be sent back by the last day of membership, with ELOQUII receiving the items seven days from my message.

Final Verdict

If money were no object, I would love to continue my ELOQUII Unlimited subscription. Unfortunately, $80 a month is not feasible for me at this time, but I would love to sign up again in the future. If you are confident in ELOQUII’s fit and wear a 24+, Unlimited offers far more styles in larger styles than Gwynnie Bee. I’ve recently had a difficult time meeting the minimum number of items in my GB closet simply because there aren’t a lot of options in size 28.

That being said, I am not a fan of having to return every at-home item when you want to exchange one piece. I often use subscription services to plan looks for upcoming events, and returning all items doesn’t let the service be as versatile as I would prefer.

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