Endless Summer With The Winky Lux La Frutta Eyeshadow Palette

When Winky Lux sent over the La Frutta Eyeshadow Palette ($25), a collaboration with lifestyle YouTube creator Marzia, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it.  My initial impression that it was far outside of my comfort zone and my second was that I was convinced that the combination of colors wouldn’t create a complete look. Both assumptions were wrong.

Winky Lux La Frutta Eyeshadow Palette Review

Each time I have used this palette, no only have I created beautiful, sunset-inspired looks, I didn’t reach for any outside shadows. The two mattes, a pinky-coral (second in the palette) and the red-purple (end on the right), work beautifully in the crease. The coral peeking out from above my lashes emphasizes the sunset effect, especially when I add the first shade on the left, a sheer sort of bronze with layered bronze glitter. It’s the glow that you see in the photos of my look below.

Don’t be intimidated by the yellow shadow, as it’s more frosty than an overpowering ray of sunshine. As for the yellow bronze on the right, it mimics the sheer bronze in tone but packs a real punch. If you’re familiar with the coffee-scented eyeshadow palette that Winky Lux released earlier this year, the quality is consistent between the two palettes.

Winky Lux La Frutta Eyeshadow Palette Look

Watermelon Jelly Balm, $14

This was the product that I was most excited to try. In classic ph adjusting functionality, the color changes after application and on me deepens to a vibrant, punchy pink. It creates perfect sheer popsicle lips, with a deeper color in the center of my lips that gradually fades out towards the edges.  The color isn’t particularly long-lasting, which I don’t mind because applying the thin, slick balm is an enjoyable experience and the packaging is darling. If this sort of product appeals to you or you have a beach trip on the horizon, I think it’s worth picking up.

Pucker-Up Lip Plumper in Pink Lemonade, $16

This is one effective lip plumper! On the scale of Buxom to Lip Venom, the Pucker-Up Lip Plumper feels extremely similar to Grande Lips. I’m convinced that they use the same active ingredients to create effective, seemingly heat-driven results. In terms of color, Pink Lemonade is mostly clear and vaguely milky with a thin consistency. I like to use this in my getting ready routine in place of a lip balm so I can take advantage of both the hydration and plumping effects.

Glossy Boss Lip Glass in Juicy, $15

Appropriately named, whenever I wear this gloss, especially on top of the Watermelon Jelly Balm, my lips look so juicy that I can’t stop staring at them. It creates a particularly hazardous distracted driving scenario when the sun’s out and the sunroof’s open, but I just can’t help resist! The color on its own is a quintessential summer coral, however, when mixed with the balm, the combination turns a vibrant, electric pink. The formula feels like a comfortable gel and I don’t detect any stickiness.

This is a fun and functional summer collection that I’ll continue to mix in throughout the fall. Does any of this tempt you? Tell me in the comments below!

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