Lottie London Is Coming To Walmart


The British high street brand has been rapidly expanding and soon the products will launch at Walmart. These are the 5 best products from the brand that you need to know.

Get To Know Lottie London

Lottie London is an exuberant, youthful, and affordable makeup brand owned by Brand Agency London. If the overall vibe feels familiar, there's a good reason for that. Lottie London is a sister brand to Ciate London and newly launched Skin Proud.

Lottie London is best known for brightly colored brushes & rainbow highlighters, but has grown into a trend-driven brand with high quality products at affordable prices.

Mega Brow Brow Shaping Wax, $9.95

If you've wanted to try the soap brow trend, but have been too intimidated to try no matter how many YouTube videos you've watched, this is the brow wax for you! Simply spray a bit of water onto the surface of the wax, use the included spoolie, and brush your brows upwards for the fluffiest brows that will stay all day.

Freckle Tint Temporary Skin Tint, $7.49

Freckles are so cute, but the idea of trying to create faux freckles on myself is daunting. Lottie London took all of the guesswork out of the application process by creating this sheer temporary tint that is easy to dot on. You can use it over or under makeup for freckles so natural even your mom might start wondering if you've had them all along.

Perfectly pigmented for everyday wear, this palette of 9 peachy, pink, and neutral shades easily creates neutral eye looks. The shadows are a mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic formulas, offering a variety of textures in compact packaging.

Lottie Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Gold, $7.95

Wing Edition Stamp Liner Duo, $7.49

Though at first glance this may look like an ordinary felt tip eyeliner, there is a bit of magic hidden beneath the cap. Opposite the thick felt tip liner is a wing-shaped stamp. When used in combination, this dynamic due can help even the most novice of users create a perfectly petite flick. As easy as 1,2 - no 3 needed. Swipe, stamp, done!

Sweet Lips Overnight Lip Mask & Balm, $7.95

With results that are reminiscent of similar higher priced products, this lip mask punches far above its price tag. The texture is smooth, and although the formula is the slightest bit tacky, it helps the balm last throughout the night. We tried the coconut scent, which was pleasant without being overpowering. This lip mask is a drugstore hidden gem!