How A Plus Size Boudoir Photoshoot Positively Changed My Relationship With My Body

By Mayra Mejia

Why a boudoir photoshoot?

I wanted to be more comfortable with having my picture taken, and stepping forward instead of always stepping back.

When I realized I had a chance to step forward and work with one of the leading voices of fat positivity and fat visibility, I practically jumped at the chance.

Carina, or UnskinnyShero, is a model, burlesque performer, and professional photographer and was open for bookings the same weekend I would be in Chicago (where she's based) on vacation.

What I Wore

I went with a sheer pink and black lingerie set from Torrid and a gorgeous Chubby Cartwheels pink vinyl bodysuit.

How I Felt

I was taken by surprise at the level of comfort I felt in my skin. I truly have never felt more beautiful than I did that day. It was so intensely freeing. Feeling sexy, and more importantly, ALLOWING myself to be sexy, is something that doesn’t come incredibly natural to me.

How I Felt

For the first time, I didn’t rely on my cuteness, and as silly as it sounds... it gave me a brand new level of confidence. Facing my fears, looking at pictures of my body unedited, under the bright lights, and LOVING what I saw? Next level.

Whether it be a sexy boudoir photo shoot or a fun solo selfie session in your full-length mirror at home, I want everyone to feel as worthy, sexy and confident as I did that day!