Best Blush At The Drugstore

Nothing brightens the face like blush, but it can be overwhelming to find the best formula. These are just a few of our favorite drugstore blushes.

Blush, even at the drugstore, comes in many textures.

Powder Cream Liquid Cream-to-Powder

Which one to choose?

Powder Blush

Best used on top of other powder textures, or to set a cream formula

Cream Blush

Great for dry skin or anyone who likes a dewy finish

Liquid Blush

Creates a translucent, stain-like flush


The blendability of a cream with the finish of a powder

ELF COSMETICS Putty Blush, $6.00 Just as the name implies, this formula is a thicker cream formula, almost like a putty. It's easy to blend, but doesn't add dewy texture.

MILANI Baked Blush, $9.49 The Milani Baked Blush is an enduring favorite because it is perfectly pigmented, has a smooth baked texture, & a hint of shimmer that makes everyone look healthy.

COLOURPOP Super Shock Blush, $8 Colorpop's cream-to-powder formula doesn't just look great on the eyes. Easy to blend with any tool, you can build this product to your desired intensity.

FLOWER BEAUTY Lip And Cheek Gel Crush, $9.99 If you're looking for a flush that makes it impossible to detect a hint of makeup, this is the formula for you. Were you just out for a run? Are you wearing makeup? They'll never know.

UNDONE BEAUTY Lip to Cheek Cream Palette, $12 Made from three strips of color with increasing intensity - Sheer, Medium, and Intense - this formula leaves a beautiful, dewy glow on the cheeks. Plus, you can wear it on your lips, too!