Beauty Makeup The Perfect Watermelon Lipstick

The Perfect Watermelon Lipstick

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I write a lot about getting into makeup ruts here because it happens to me more often than I’m comfortable admitting. I’m supposed to be an adventurous, all-knowing, color-loving beauty blogger, but like so many of you, my calendar becomes crowded. I suddenly find myself with only 45 minutes to take a shower, eat breakfast, walk my dog, and get out the door. Sifting through the chaos of yesterday’s makeup bag, I inevitably end up reaching for yesterday’s lipstick because it’s there. Because it’s comfortable. Because I don’t have any more time to find another lipstick, paired with another lip liner, paired with another complimentary blush. Sometimes, I justĀ can’t.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Greta has become my comfort zone. My dependable, reliable lipstick friend. Maybe it’s my relatively new red hair color, but I’m loving yellow-based pinks (like Greta) more than blue-based pinks these days. It still delivers the punch of bold lip color, but without the harshness. It’s an easier, friendlier bright lipstick.

Greta is the lipstick equivalent to my beloved harem pants. They look fashionable and put together, but they really feel like sweatpants. If you haven’t found a lipstick that is this comfortable, I highly recommend seeking a color & formula that makes you feel this way, too. If you have, please leave me a comment below so I can check it out!

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