Editor’s Letter: I was almost a virologist at the CDC

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Sharing is good karma!

I began college as a microbiology major, determined to become a virologist at the CDC. Imagine how different my life would be right now if I had followed through? Whoa.

During my first semester, I began to realize that laboratory environments aren’t creative, and I couldn’t fathom a life without creativity. After much discussion & negotiation with my mom, I became an apparel studies (and communications, her requirement) major. I followed my heart & intuition, and it paid off.

In the darkest times, I’ve turned to humor & style as a way of coping with my own mortality. I’ll use these same tools to navigate my way through social isolation and the presumed inevitability that both myself & someone I love will become sick. I haven’t shared this widely, but I spent half of 2017 sitting bedside in hospital rooms, surrounded by green walls with paint that flaked off in large chips. My makeup bag and Twitter timeline were often my only amusement.

What’s Ahead

As we move through the next few weeks, Rascal Honey will be focusing on creating helpful & comforting content. This is a great time to learn a new language, listen to audiobooks, take up meditation, and expand our horizons. It’s also the perfect excuse to paint your nails, apply face masks superfluously, and learn to repair your clothes by hand.

We’ll also be keeping a close eye on how brands treat their employees as they bombard our inboxes. Paid leave for hourly employees is a necessity, not a luxury, and an indication of a company’s priorities. Let’s hold corporations accountable (we’re looking at you, Ulta). Although non-essential purchases may be the furthest thing from our minds, when given an opportunity to vote with our wallets, we’ll remember.

Don’t allow the joy that self-expression brings and the escapism that style provides to be lost in the shadow of this pandemic. Wear red lipstick in the hospital bed (I always do) and get dressed in a way that maintains the connection to your most authentic self. We won’t stop celebrating the bright spots in our daily routine and neither should you.

Ultimately, we hope this digital community we’ve created together will continue to provide inspiration, engage you in new ideas, and lift your spirits. If you have a suggestion, are feeling stressed, or just need a friend to listen, let’s chat. Use the button to reply to this email below.

In the meantime,

Take a deep breath.

Drink some water.

Stay home.

Sharing is good karma!

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Sarah Conleyhttps://rascalhoney.com
Focusing on style and self-esteem with her inimitable sass, Sarah has helped change the conversation about plus size fashion. She is a socially connected influencer, has been the star of viral videos, and helped lead an anti-body shaming campaign that earned an apology from O, the Oprah Magazine. With an approach that is more Role Model than Runway Model, Sarah has built a credible connection with the fashion community as a whole. As a freelance writer, her work has appeared in TIME, CNN, Teen Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Lucky, and more. As a consultant, her social strategies have been executed by former clients ELOQUII, Undone Beauty, NARS, MAC Cosmetics, David Yurman, Diane von Furstenberg, Nine West, Clé de Peau Beauté, and many more. Currently, she serves as the Director of Marketing for Arkansas’s only cut-to-order cheese shop, Sweet Freedom Cheese in Bentonville, Arkansas. When she’s not educating people on the wonders of artisanal cheese or taking her rescue dog, Blueberry Shortcake Flowers, for a walk, Sarah can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @imsarahconley.

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