Fashion Plus size The Affordable Intimates Line You're Missing Out On

The Affordable Intimates Line You’re Missing Out On

This is the Target plus size underwear line that you probably had no idea even existed

It’s a tale as old as the modern fashion industry: plus size women are (almost) always left out and the intimates category is no exception. Although Target has scored major media points with their size-inclusive clothing lines, they quietly expanded the Ava & Viv range to include bras, underwear, and other intimates essentials. 

As a size 28, my underwear options are embarrassingly limited. Just My Size, Fit For Me, and Lane Bryant are essentially the only retailers interested in entering my panty drawer, with JMS & Fit For Me having limited retail distribution beyond Wal-Mart. I gave up searching Target’s intimates section for my size years ago, so imagine my surprise when a disorienting turn through my local store’s newly renovated aisles placed me squarely in front of an Ava & Viv endcap stocked with bralettes and underwear from size X up to size 4X. If you’re unfamiliar, Ava & Viv’s 4X surprisingly fits sizes 28 & 30.

Although the only styles currently available are basics, the elevated lace details, fashion colors, and range of nudes makes the assortment extremely appealing. Panties are $7.99, bralettes are $17.99, and bras are $21.99, making the line affordable, especially outside of Lane Bryant’s Cacique semi-annual sale events. Although I am delighted by the size range for panties and bralettes, I am frustrated by the very limited bra sizing, only offering sizes 42C – 46DDD. Hopefully, this line finds success and Target is encouraged to expand the cup sizes.

Out of the two pairs of underwear that I purchased, I do find that they seem to run about a half size too small. If you are in between sizes and have the luxury of sizing up, I’d recommend at least considering a larger size. The hipster & brief fit alright, but it could have been better. If you aren’t fond of digging through Target’s haphazardly organized intimates section, try the in-store pickup option to save yourself the frustration.

Now if we can only get this refreshing change to make its way to Target’s sleepwear section, I’d truly be a happy lady. What do they think we’re wearing to bed, Tweety Bird t-shirts?

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