Plus size Outfits The Track Pants You Can Wear To The Office

The Track Pants You Can Wear To The Office

The Beaufort Pants are the most versatile bottoms I've ever owned.

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The Universal Standard Beaufort Pocket Pants ($130) is everything that I could have wanted if I ever had the opportunity to design my dream pair of pants with one singular exception (we’ll get to that a little later). They are comfortable, chic, and able to move effortlessly between business meetings and airport gate waiting areas. To put it simply, they are practically perfect in every way.

First of all, as the name implies, the Beaufort Pants have pockets, which automatically makes them infinitely more delightful than any other piece of clothing without pockets. Why do we still tolerate pocket-free clothing (the actual answer is silhouette and cost, and sometimes those things are important but also, POCKETS)?

Universal Standard Beaufort Pants Review

The real star of the Beaufort’s design is the satin contrast stripe that runs vertically down the hip to the ankle. Speaking of satin, the pants are made from a matte black crepe that is satin backed, so the inside of the fabric feels better than the outside looks, which inevitably feels like a joke on everyone who compliments your outfit. The unfortunate side effect of matte black crepe is that these pants are dry clean only. In line with Universal Standard‘s vision of inclusive sizing, this style is available in sizes 00-40, although most sizes are currently sold out at the time of publication.

I haven’t had the best of luck with Universal Standard bottoms previously, so it actually took a few styles for me to get the right fit & size. In the Beaufort Pants, I wear a 2XL (30/32), which is a full size larger than I would normally wear. I’m generally a size 26/28 across the board, with consideration being given for fabric content & style, but in the most similar pair of pants I own, a pair of ELOQUII track pants, I wear a size 24.

Speaking of track pants, that is how I style the Beaufort Pocket Pants most often. Typically, I wear them paired with a soft, solid color tee. In the summer, I’ll add black leather slides or Birkenstock Arizonas, and in the fall I will usually pair them with low top Converse or Vans and a moto jacket. Scroll through some styling suggestions in the widget below.

Would the Beaufort Pocket Pants fit seamlessly into your wardrobe? Tell me how you’d style them in the comments below!

Universal Standard Beaufort Pocket Pants Review

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