Fashion Body Positivity I Modeled In ELOQUII's First Extended Sizes Lookbook!

I Modeled In ELOQUII’s First Extended Sizes Lookbook!

This was the chance of a lifetime

When I first started working with ELOQUII, to say that I was disappointed that they were relaunching with only sizes 14-24 is an understatement. I’ve been a size 26/28 (especially on the bottom) for the past several years, and find bottoms of any kind has become more & more of a struggle. Thanks to some encouragement and coddling by Jodi, the Creative Director, and the rest of the design team, I finally began to try pieces below my size range. I quickly discovered that I could fit into most size 18 sample tops and size 24 midi skirts, but the fit wasn’t quite right. I never dreamed I would be the face of the first ELOQUII extended sizes lookbook!

After a lot of customer feedback, they launched a test collection of extended sizes – 26s & 28s – in core styles like Kady Pants and Studio Midi Skirt. When these pieces did well, they began to slowly work more items into the plan until VOILA! – there are 41 items in the Extended Sizes category. The best part? They added great core items, like Printed Fit & Flare Dresses, fun styles like the Striped Front Zip Pencil Skirt and the ballsy Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit.

This year ELOQUII has featured several customers and even the Director of Marketing, Kelly Goldston (who you might recognize from my recent slumber party photos) in an editorial story all about her upcoming wedding (which will be divine, natch). For the announcement of the extended size, they doubled down & teamed up with another customer, photographer Claudia Saimbert. Her whole vibe is cooler than cool in the most approachable way, which is basically the dream aesthetic.

This was such a cool project to witness from start to finish, and I have a feeling that there are only more great things (and extended sizes) in the future. If you’re feeling any of the looks, you can find most of them in ELOQUII’s Extended Sizes category. A couple of items are a size 24 (I’m smaller on top) and some of the accessories are my own.

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