Everything From This Size-Inclusive Basics Brand Is $30 Or Less


I find the Amazon Fashion shopping experience to be entirely frustrating, so imagine my surprise when the recommendation engine took me a few clicks from pearl earrings to Amazon’s own fashion brand, Daily Ritual. The surprise didn’t end there when I discovered that items are offered in sizes 0 – 40 and every piece is $30 or less. Bless the algorithm because finding an item available in a true 4x on Amazon is truly like finding a unicorn.

The only other brand that comes to mind when I think of this depth of size inclusivity is Universal Standard, which also offers sizes 0 through 40. Amazon has listed the plus sizes and straight sizes separately, so it’s difficult to see which items are offered in the entire size range. Some items are only offered in straight sizes, but it does appear that the core items are available in all sizes.

Most of the items are variations of basic silhouettes: short-sleeved t-shirts, longsleeved t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses in every varying sleeve length & neck combination imaginable. The color palette is extremely neutral, with the occasional (and inconsistent) inclusion of blue & blush. The price point is good and the size range is excellent, but it wasn’t until I scrolled across the Daily Ritual Sweatshirt Dress in Olive that I felt my fashion senses tingling.

Daily Ritual Plus Size Sweatshirt Dress

My rule is that if I can think of at least three outfits to wear with a piece of clothing that it must be purchased immediately. I love this hoodie sweatshirt dress in black, but it was the olive shade that had me dreaming of leather leggings, ankle boots, and lazy Sundays on the couch.

Turtlenecks are a winter staple, and I love that there are grey, black, and navy options for only $16.50. I’ve struggled for years to find a decent turtleneck available in size 26/28 (or larger)!

Daily Ritual Plus Size Hoodie ($28.50), Daily Ritual Plus Size Pullover ($28.50)

Daily Ritual Plus Size Sleeveless Gathered Dress ($25), Daily Ritual Plus Size Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress ($30)

Overall, I’m definitely ordering the Sweatshirt Dress and maybe a few other pieces to test out. Do any other pieces catch your eye? Help me decide what to buy in the comments below!







2 responses to “Everything From This Size-Inclusive Basics Brand Is $30 Or Less”

  1. Tiffany Tayrien Avatar
    Tiffany Tayrien

    Oooh, LOVE that long sleeved V neck dress! I hooded one is SO your style!

    1. Sarah Conley Avatar

      Right?! I need to order it ASAP!

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