Statement Earrings Are Back In A Fresh, Fun Way

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Because of my height and my size, I’ve never been one to shy away from bold accessories. As a result, my jewelry box is filled with an assortment of oversized jewelry that has as much personality as my lipstick. Even though I have been a lifetime collector of statement earrings, I know they aren’t always everyone’s style. If you struggled with the chandelier earring era circa 2010, don’t let the title of this post stress you out.  As with so many current trends, there’s no shortage of styles to make this look all your own.

Classics With A Twist: The Hoops

When it comes to hoop earrings, no designer dominates the market in my eyes like Jennifer Fisher. Her creations span from simple to architectural and even venture into whimsical.  I’m confident that if you have even a passing interest in hoop earrings, one of Jennifer’s designs will inspire your own Jenny From The Block moment. There’s just one potential roadblock: Jennifer Fisher pieces are incredibly expensive.

As much as I would love to own both the silver & gold versions of certain pairs of her classic hoops, that’s just not where my budget is right now. Bauble Bar has great alternatives that are similar for significantly smaller price tags, due in large part to a difference in materials.

Although classic hoops have been back on trend radars for several months, a new micro-trend has emerged: tortoiseshell hoops in resin or enamel. From classic shades of brown to soft blues, this nature-inspired print can be found in nearly every shape and even combined with metal details for a polished daytime accessory. I found the brand Machete on Instagram and their affordable collection for spring/summer 2018 is focused on this style, even extending into hair accessories.

You’ve Got Character

One of my favorite earring styles to wear are what I refer to as character earrings. This encompasses anything from Yazbukey’s lips to the pair of Kate Spade hot dog earrings that I love but no one else seems to understand.  Character earrings are a great way to show off your personality without having to say a word. Personally, I prefer to only wear one character at a time so that my earrings can be a conversation starter.

Although there are no rules when it comes to this trend, my own motto is the bolder, the better.


Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is a huge source of inspiration for me these days, not just because of her approach to dewy skin & ability to create winged eyeliner that could cut diamonds, but her affection for statement earrings is unmatched.

Although KJH’s influence recently has been undeniable, it was Oscar de la Renta’s earring collection that truly cemented my eternal devotion to tassels. Their beaded stunners come in nearly every color imaginable in both long and short versions. For a little extra spice, there are also ombre styles and silk tassel variations. Admittedly they are not the most comfortable earrings to wear due to their weight and clip-on nature, but much like high heels, I’m willing to ignore the pain to look that good.

Due to the tassel earring’s everlasting appeal, there are options at every price point (though none will give you that extra pep in your step like Oscar, trust me). There are so many colors, materials, and tassel styles you’re bound to find one to perfectly complement your look in your price range.

I’m certainly guilty of getting into an earring rut, but these three categories have been my mainstays recently. If there’s a style you’ve been loving but see mentioned here, please let me know about it in the comments below!