Fashion Body Positivity Don't Let O Magazine Tell You Can't #RockTheCrop

Don’t Let O Magazine Tell You Can’t #RockTheCrop

Last night, my friend Tamar tagged me the above Q&A she came across while reading O, The Oprah Magazine. I was shocked to see this kind of body shaming language from any magazine, much less one named after a woman who has had her weight scrutinized throughout her career. Furthermore, I’d hoped in the era of the fatkini, plus size bloggers, and Instagram hashtags that we’ve moved beyond such narrow-minded thinking, but I can see now that it’s time for a show & tell. The #rockthecrop movement took off and went further than I could ever imagine.

One of the greatest things to happen to my wardrobe has been the rise in popularity of crop tops. For a lot of women, they actually help us to create shape and a defined waist. Don’t even get me started on how well they pair with a midi skirt, high waist pants, and even with trousers in a creative office. Heck, I even rocked a crop top with a slim pencil skirt at The Curvy Con a couple of weeks ago and looked damn good (yes, toot toot beep beep).

Flat stomachs are like thigh gaps – we’re not all meant to have one. I know women who have worked out four hours a day, five days a week in pursuit of that dream only to be thwarted by genetics. But the good news is that crop tops can work for any woman, and to prove that statement to Oprah, O Magazine, and whichever staffer answered that question, check out the gallery below. I pulled these photos from the Instagram accounts of ladies who were kind enough to share them with me, all in the name of #rockthecrop. If you need to add more crop tops to your closet, keep scrolling for suggestions in all sizes!

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