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My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved

The story behind Rascal Honey's successful merch line, plus where you can shop select items at stores in Arkansas!

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When I began creating content in 2006, I truly believed that I was just typing into the void, prattling on about lip balm and the Olivia Palermo scandal on Socialite Rank. I couldn’t have imagined that my digital presence would still be contributing to my life 13 years later, and I certainly wouldn’t have believed that every professional opportunity I’ve ever had would come directly from my blog. Rascal Honey’s merch line is a celebration of all that this platform has given me and a way for us to unite offline through a common message: My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved.

The Backstory

The phrase came to me in early November of last year as a response to the pressures I felt from society to make myself smaller, whether it be my physical body or the amount of emotional, social, or professional space that I take up. I partnered with Creative Director & longtime friend, Janessa Gursky, to create the inaugural design. Our collaboration was effortless and Janessa’s design immediately captured the spirit of the message just as I had imagined it.

From the original message, I wanted to create an alternative message for allies, advocates, and friends. “Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved” was initially created with my mom in mind. She’s struggled with her body image my entire life and although I couldn’t imagine her seeing herself in the original message, I knew that she would want to stand proudly beside me in a shirt of her own, which is why I wanted to give herself a way to express the message without feeling like she had to apply the message to herself. As friends & followers started to see the designs, the response to the “Your Body” message shifted from allyship to something more confrontational, putting the onus of the message on the reader, not the wearer.

The Design

Shop this gallery: My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Die Cut Sticker, Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Die Cut Sticker, Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Die Cut Sticker in Rascal Pink

“My Body” and “Your Body” designs are each available in white & black font, with a limited number of items are available in the “Your Body” message with white font on the official shade of Rascal Honey pink. I especially imagined this colorway in the tote bag (which I have & love), art prints, stickers, and the hardcover notebook.

Below are more links & examples of the different items that are available in the Rascal Honey merch shop. All versions of the message are available in all styles, with the exception of the Rascal Honey pink versions (in order to customize the color of the background, the options are limited to non-t-shirt items). To find the item variations, click on the design that you like – for example, My Body in white font – and scroll below the t-shirt product page to find the list of the other items that design is available in. I’ve also linked a few of my favorites below.

Merch Options

Shop this gallery: Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Tote Bag in Rascal Pink (show in size Large), My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Curvy T-Shirt

Shop this gallery: My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Mug, My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Tote Bag (Small, Medium, and Large)

Shop this gallery: My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Spiral Notebook, Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Hardcover Notebook in Rascal Pink

Shop this gallery: Your Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Pin in Rascal Pink, My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved Baseball T-shirt

Rascal Honey In Boutiques

Coming in September 2019, Rascal Honey stickers, notebooks, and tote bags will be available at Cocoon Yoga Lab located in the 8th Street Market in Bentonville, AR.

If you’d like to carry Rascal Honey in your shop, please email me at [email protected].

Why Teepublic?

Before Janessa and I collaborated on the design, I had spent months researching the most size-inclusive merch platforms and every other company’s size range I found fell short. The reality of launching your own product line with no resources is that I couldn’t afford to meet minimums to have Fat Girl Flow Basics (as much as I love Corissa’s message & her design) printed locally and then ship out each order by hand.

TeePublic offers shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in sizes small through 5XL. That size-range is important to me because no one should be left out, and while I would love for them to carry even larger sizes, it’s a better size range than I could find anywhere else and I hope that I have an opportunity to encourage them to expand in the future.

What designs would you like to see added to the Rascal Honey merch line?

I’ll be appearing at gift markets here in Northwest Arkansas throughout the holiday season and I’ll have stickers on me every day, so if you’re local, let’s connect!

Thank you so much for your incredible support, encouragement, and purchases so far. You’ve made this so much more successful than I could have ever imagined & I’m so grateful that this project has resonated as much with you as it did with me!

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