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Editorial Policy Overview

Thanks so much for your interest in Style IT! I love discovering the latest in the plus size fashion, accessories (jewelry, shoes, and handbags), beauty, and technology verticals. The most interesting products for me & my readers are the ones that intersect at least two of these topics in a unique and interesting way. Product samples are required for editorial consideration and all URLs provided are commission-based affiliate links. Any product submissions or event attendance do not guarantee coverage. If you are interested in guaranteed coverage, campaign support, tracking URLs, or other specific asks, please visit the Advertising & Sponsorship page.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Do you host giveaways?

Giveaways held on Style IT and supported social channels are considered sponsored content due to the overly promotional nature and sponsorship is clearly disclosed. Unsponsored giveaways may occur on a case-by-case basis, and fulfillment for any giveaway is the responsibility of the brand or affiliated representation. Coverage of brand hosted giveaways and consumer event listings is considered sponsored content due to the overly promotional nature.

Do you accept guest posts or article submissions?

All content created on Style IT is written & photographed by Sarah Conley, unless otherwise credited. Style IT is currently not accepting guest contributors or article submissions at this time.

What type of product sample is required for editorial consideration?

Product samples must be full size (unless the request is for a travel story), consumer ready samples. Since all photos featured on Style IT are original photography, lab samples, minis, or travel sizes are not an accurate representation of what my readers will be looking for when they are shopping for the product in stores.

Will you share the news of this consumer event or Kickstarter campaign?

Due to the overly promotional nature and frequency of these requests, these types of events and campaigns will not be covered without advertorial support. As stated above, coverage of brand hosted giveaways and consumer event listings is considered sponsored content due to the overly promotional nature.

Why don’t you write negative reviews?

I believe in writing fair & balanced posts from my own experience. While I may have a negative experience or reaction to a product, my experience is not true for every consumer. As long as I am able to see the benefit for other consumers, I try to write a piece that shares how others may find it effective. If the product isn’t suitable for coverage, the product, brand, or service isn’t featured. If you have a question about the omission of a specific product or brand, feel free to email or tweet me & I will be happy to share additional information.