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  • I Have Cancer – And It’s Okay

    It’s crazy how you can go from feeling relieved one day to totally blindsided the next, but here I am. The pathology results from my last procedure came back and they found cancer. Things are still unclear, but so far I’ve been told that this is the best possible scenario, all things considered. There’s a lot […]

  • Five Things That Saved My Life

    It’s no secret that I’m prone to hyperbole, but I’m 11 days on the other side of a life-altering and life-saving surgery with a lot of perspectives to share. So much of my life was wrapped in dysfunction that as I move through recovery, I’ll be figuring out what healthy and normal actually look like for me. […]

  • All Dressed Up For The Emergency Room

    Last Sunday started off innocently enough. My friend Kelly very kindly brought over Dough doughnuts for some post-surgery friend love and we lost track of time gossiping. I was scheduled to attend an IBM Tony Awards watch party later that evening, followed by the Tony Awards Gala at the Plaza. Black tie requested, naturally. It […]

  • Let’s Get Organized

    Even if you’re not a resolutions person, the abundance of change the new year brings can still be inspiring. It’s a great time to get your head on straight, adjust your priorities, and get everything in order so you can fully take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Since I work for myself, […]

  • I Took Racked On A Tour Of The Best Plus Size Shopping In NYC

    The lovely people at Racked NY asked me to show them the best plus size shopping in NYC. Little did I know I’d find three pairs of shoes in my size and Eileen Fisher harem pants at 93% off. Even in a city as large as NYC, there are very few plus size store options […]

  • How I Learned To Love My (Digital) Self

    I’ve told the simplified version of this story countless times. The “how I learned to love myself” story that everyone thinks has a finite finish line, and the moment you cross over the universe gives you $200 and a great ass. Reporters and moderators love to ask me about confidence like I’m somehow holding this […]