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  • Your Favorite Rascal Reads of 2018

    Looking back on the top fashion and beauty blog posts of 2018, these are the stylish stories that Rascal Honey readers loved most.

  • Can An App Match You With The Perfect Lipstick Shade?

    What if an app could recommend a lipstick in the same shade as your favorite flowers?

  • A Visit To The World’s Only Independent Handbag Museum

    Although it’s easy to think that the fashion capitals of the world are the center of the style universe, it’s important to remember that style exists everywhere. One such unexpected place is the ESSE Purse Museum in the SOMA neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. ESSE is only one of three handbag museums in the world, the […]

  • Beauty Sleep Is Magic – Or Is It Science?

    Although “beauty sleep” feels like fancy marketing lingo designed to sell you products, Allure‘s interview with Dr. Dennis Gross (you might recognize his Alpha Beta Peel from the Beauty To Go aisle of Sephora or your own medicine cabinet) makes a compelling argument that beauty sleep might, in fact, be real. Increased mitosis aside, we […]

  • Introducing Rascal Honey

    Style is a nuanced expression of who you are Style is universal Style is for everyone, everyone has style Style is constantly evolving Style is personal Style is the face we show the world I spend the majority of my time thinking about style, about how style intersects with substance, and how personal style affects […]

  • How To Shop Online Like A Pro (And Save $)

    How To Shop Online Like A Pro (And Save $)

    No matter how many years you’ve been shopping online or how quickly you can enter your credit card number during checkout, the holidays can push any shopper to their limits. Through the years, I’ve tried a lot of services that claim to make the experience easier, but most don’t hold up over time. These six browser extensions, services, […]