Beauty Introducing Rascal Honey

Introducing Rascal Honey

Style is a nuanced expression of who you are

Style is universal

Style is for everyone, everyone has style

Style is constantly evolving

Style is personal

Style is the face we show the world

I spend the majority of my time thinking about style, about how style intersects with substance, and how personal style affects the perceptions of everyone who interacts with us. Although I wish that what brand we buy or what we look like or what size we wear didn’t impact what people think of us, this is a (not so simple) fact of life. I consciously choose to see it as a powerful tool to wield at my discretion as opposed to a weakness.

I spent ten years writing about an industry that would only, at best, begrudgingly tolerate my existence. True style doesn’t come from owning the latest shade of lipstick, or Gucci loafers with the fur, or the ‘it handbag’ of the season. Wearing those items can give you a sense of belonging, participating in a cultural moment, or provide comfort/power/status when you need it most, but rarely does wearing them make us stand out as we’ve convinced ourselves that they will.

Ultimately, real-world style is about comfort. Not the elastic waistband type of comfort, but feeling comfortable with who you are today, in your environment, and invisibly supporting you in pursuit of your goals. Your style is a nuanced expression of who you are, made from the conscious and subconscious micro-decisions you make every day. When you reach for your signature fragrance, read the latest book from Roxane Gay, or pop into the drugstore for a lip gloss at the end of a tough day, you are actively developing your personal style.

Rascal Honey Logo

It is through that lens that I am overjoyed to welcome you to Rascal Honey!

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Hey Sarah, what does Rascal Honey mean?”. To put it simply, Rascal Honey is an anagram of my name, discovered accidentally while a friend was using an anagram generator to hide his artistic Instagram account from employers (thanks, X!). I feel that it would be a mistake to launch an eponymous site when I believe that what this site is and what it will be is so much bigger than who I am.

You might have noticed that Rascal Honey is prepopulated with 25 pieces of familiar content. Although these posts were originally published on Style It, they represent some of my favorite products, defining opinions, and the type of content that you’ll be seeing here. no longer exists and all traffic has been redirected here. You can also access these posts in the Style It archive.

With this launch, I would like to make a few vows to you, dear reader:

I respect your time and attention

In an age of clickbait and low-brow stories from once-respected publications, I promise to never speak down to you or create banal content that is, quite frankly, a waste of your valuable time. If you see something to the contrary, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me directly at [email protected].

I will be transparent

At the top right of every post in the sidebar is a disclosure that products were received for editorial consideration and that this site uses affiliate links, along with a link to my editorial policy. The publication of this site would be a financial burden without accepting press samples or using affiliate links. Receiving press samples also allows me the luxury of experiencing styles, brands, and shades outside of my comfort zone, which benefits my personal perspective and therefore the content of this site.

Sponsored content will be indicated very clearly from the content grid (on the homepage, for example) and at the top of the page, in the righthand sidebar, and at the bottom of the post. Brands who chose to work with Rascal Honey must comply with this site’s editorial policy and our advertising and sponsorship policies.

Of course, as I’m still ultimately a consumer, I endeavor to buy the majority of the items featured on this site. Should you ever have a question about the origin of an item or my intentions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Any profits made from Rascal Honey & supporting platforms will be used to grow the production value of the content and add a variety of perspectives and voices to the site.

Accessible is not a dirty word

As much as I may lust after a new Chanel handbag, I can’t afford one right now and I’m not expecting you to either. I love Sephora just as much as I love Target, and (not so secretly) Old Navy’s affordable basics are my jam.

It is my goal to help you navigate the constant retail chaos to help you make the best purchasing decision possible. It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to constantly be wearing or using new items, and I do not believe that style can be purchased with a big enough credit limit.

I hope to encourage us to explore the new, the old, the back of our closets, and the secondhand store up the street. There is so much more to us than the latest order confirmation email in our inbox.

Love Letters will continue

Your feedback on Love Letters this year has been heard, loud & clear! I’m so happy that you love reading them as much as I love writing them and they will absolutely continue in harmony with the publication of this site.

I like to think of Rascal Honey as working from the outside in, while Love Letters are from the inside out. Never could I have dreamed that so many of you would find my internal conversations and breakthrough moments so relatable. Thank you for making me feel seen and reassuring me that I’m not alone in this crazy, mixed-up world.

We’re here to have fun

Although I firmly believe that personal style has the ability to transform us, I also believe that it can be silly, indulgent, and we should never take it too seriously. We should wear red lipstick on rainy days and pom-pom sweaters in a blizzard because sometimes we find the most joy in the smallest things.

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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