As many of you may know, earlier this year I had the pleasure of being one of seven models featured in Undone Beauty‘s launch campaign. If you’re unfamiliar, Undone Beauty is a new Amazon-exclusive affordable beauty brand that is cruelty-free and vegan (with one product exception that I explain below). Although I was compensated for the photoshoot, any product review or promotion is purely editorial.

After the line launched, the Undone Beauty team graciously sent over the entire line for me, as well as my mom, and we’ve enjoyed diving into such an innovative and exciting new brand. I’ve received so many questions on social media about my thoughts thus far, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive review of each and every product currently available in this post. All products individually are $18 or less, with the majority of the products available for $8 or less. Undone Beauty is like the affordable cousin of Glossier and Milk Makeup, but for people who live a real life.

The products are arranged in order from my most frequently used to least used and overall, the products are of great quality and an exceptional value. There isn’t a “bad” product in the bunch, just a couple that isn’t what I typically reach for.

If there’s a detail that I left out, please let me know in the comments below!

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Undone Beauty Lip Life Lip Gloss Applicator

As with all of the other products in the line, Lip Life lip gloss has a unique approach to lip gloss, with an included “exfoliating tip” applicator on each tube. The tip is made of nubs that gently exfoliate your lips as you apply and reapply the gloss. The gloss texture is very thin and balmy, so it won’t have the same feel as a gel or cushion gloss. The color is sheer but buildable with one shade exception that I’ll detail below. There is a scent but it’s very subtle and nondescript. Each gloss contains 0.282oz of product.

How I Use It

Lip Life is the perfect “plane lip”, meaning that it has a hydrating, treatment aspect with a hint of color that doesn’t need to be maintained or monitored. This isn’t the sort of gloss that you’d wear when you want to look like you’re wearing gloss, so it’s best for the times when you don’t want to worry about your lip color.

Clear: Although the tube has the slightest tint of pink, that doesn’t show on the lips. At most, it creates a healthy-looking tone.

Beige: This is the most neutral of the glosses in a shade that can best be described as a warm sheer coral. There’s the slightest bit of shimmer in the tube but I can’t see it on my lips. It pairs well with the Lip To Cheek in Blazen and was the perfect lip to wear to an Italian dinner, as I didn’t have to worry about getting color on my chin just below my lips.

Infinite Pink: Wildly unlike the other shades, Infinite Pink stained my lips during wear. As you apply it, it appears to be a perfectly innocent sheer shade of pink, but it deepens over time. It’s great for creating popsicle lips or refreshing your favorite berry-toned lipstick.

Cherry: Most similar in formula and consistency to Beige, Cherry deepens my natural lip shade ever so slightly. The color may look intimidating in the tube, but the shade is more mauve than red on the lips. It’s another great choice for neutral lip lovers.


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