How To Quench Your Thirst For Only $12

How To Quench Your Thirst For Only $12

If you've overlooked elf's skincare range, the Hydrating Gel Mask is worth a second glance.

Dry heat and harsh winter winds have totally wrecked my skin. But the good news is that I’ve found relief thanks to the elf Hydrating Gel Mask – and it’s only $12.

It’s the same battle every winter. I add moisture back into my skin at every step and yet it still never seems to be enough. I’m infusing my liquid makeup with beauty oil, prepping with rich moisturizers, and living the diva lifestyle with a humidifier running 24/7. While my favorite moisturizers are still great options, my new favorite pre-makeup boost is, surprisingly, this elf mask.

Not only does it give my skin delightfully bouncy results (without a $320 price tag), but the deep hydration lasts all day. If I use the mask in the morning before applying makeup, I can often skip primer entirely. The first thing you’ll notice about elf Hydrating Gel Mask, other than the faint generic skincare scent, is that the gel is unlike similar products. The gel formula is a bit thicker and envelops the skin in a way that I hoped to experience with sleeping masks. Are sleeping masks disappointing for anyone else?

While I do reach for this mask more than Origins Drink Up or Avene Soothing Moisture Mask simply because I like the duration & immediacy of the results, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that although the initial purchase price of the elf Hydrating Gel Mask is only $12 (for 1.76 ounces), the full-size Origins Drink Up is actually a more cost-effective option. The elf Hydrating Gel Mask may also not be a great option for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin as it contains Cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone. I personally haven’t experienced any breakouts or concerns after using this mask regularly for over a month, but my skin is rarely sensitive.

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Ease of use


Overall, I’m certain that I will finish the entire jar, a rare occurrence considering I have so many similar products. The fact that the Origins Drink Up mask is cheaper per ounce is annoying, but elf's website does offer more frequent promotions than Sephora. Although I love that I can wipe the mask off without rinsing, the jar packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, I recommend the elf Hydrating Gel Mask if you can pick up it up sale!

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