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Undone Beauty was by far my favorite beauty brand to launch in 2018. In addition to having the pleasure of being one of the diverse faces of the brand, I appreciate their commitment to creating effortless, affordable, cruelty-free, and (mostly) vegan products. I’ve reviewed & ranked every Undone product released alongside the launch, but there’s a new palette in town. Meet the Nonzer! More enticing than its many uses is the $8 price tag.

What is a 'nonzer'?
What is a ‘nonzer’?

As the name implies, the Nonzer is the non-bronzer. Each strip of color, when worn individually, creates an intense highlight but when all four shades are mixed together, the result gives a warm, luminous flush to the skin. As someone on the lighter end of the spectrum, I gravitate towards the top two shades in the palette on a daily basis for both my highlight and blush toppers, leaving eyeshadow as my primary use for the bottom two shades.

Undone Beauty Nonzer Swatches
Swatches from each row of the nonzer

The top shade is a soft, cool-toned pink that is most like other highlighters that I wear.

The second shade is a warm rose gold that would be a beautiful highlighter on darker skin tones. For me, I tend to wear it as a blush or a blush topper.

Although the gold shade (third) has a glitter overspray, the gold powder below the glitter is warm and smooth. Although the gold doesn’t pack as much punch as the two shades above it, it does make a lovely gold eyeshadow.

Last, but certainly not least, the purple duochrome in the fourth row is special. Although it presents as purple, it has a pink and blue shift, depending on the light. I love to wear it as an unexpected eyeshadow and when it’s mixed together with the other three shades, it adds a special dimension to the overall tone.

Undone Beauty Light On Mascara in Black Gold
Undone Beauty Light On Mascara in Black Gold

In exciting reformulation news, Undone Beauty has reformulated its Light On Mascara! I wasn’t a fan of the initial formula (in fact, I ranked it second to last in my comprehensive brand review). The new formula is drier and although it doesn’t give me the sky-high glamorous lashes that I crave, it’s a lovely mascara to add depth and define my lashes on more low key days.

The shade I have, Black Gold, has micro glitters mixed into the formula that translate into a subtle glint on the lashes. Black Lapis is a multi-dimensional blue duochrome that also translates onto the lashes. If you’re a mascara fan that has always wanted a little something extra on your eyes that doesn’t involve false lashes, this $8 might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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