The Perfect Layering Mascara

The Perfect Layering Mascara

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Last year, a flood of stories rocked the internet with headlines like “Social Media Is Killing Mascara” and “Is Mascara Losing Its Relevance?“. Sure, with the prevalence of false eyelashes and lash extensions in nearly every beauty image we consume, as well as the lack of mascara from social media’s buzziest brands, it’s possible to overlook mascara as an essential in nearly every daily beauty routine.

But when mascara runs, flakes, and smudges, we’re reminded that a reliable mascara is hard to find, which is why we sometimes have to combine two, maybe even three different formulas. Mascara has always felt like a deeply personal choice, existing mostly outside of trends, that is a perfect fusion of creating our ideal selves and utility. I’ve written about layering mascaras before and I’ve experimented with an array of combinations, but no mascara has added quite as much value as the CoverGirl Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara ($9.49).

While plastic wands aren’t what I typically gravitate towards, the evenly spaced bristles are ideal at separating and defining voluminous lashes. Plus, the formula is my secret weapon against mascara smudges appearing under my eyes halfway through the day. When used on its own, Flourish isn’t a particularly remarkable mascara, but when used in conjunction with more lengthening and volumizing mascara, it truly shines.

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Although the CoverGirl Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara doesn't particularly stand out when used on its own, when used in conjunction with volumizing and lengthening mascaras, the meticulously spaced bristles create definition and staying power to any application. Especially when purchased in conjunction with coupons & store specials, Flourish is an affordable way to level up your makeup bag.

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