Beauty Makeup The Best Liquid Lipstick Lip Primer

The Best Liquid Lipstick Lip Primer

Protect your lips from lipstick's most drying formulas

Any liquid lipstick devotee knows the endless cycle of lip scrubs & balms in an effort to defeat what I refer to as Desert Lips. Crusty, cracked lips aren’t a friend to anyone, but fortunately, I found a solution: L’Occitane Shea Butter is the best primer for liquid lipsticks.

I’ve tried lip balms of all textures and even my beloved Buxom True Nude Lip Foundations, but nothing quite compares. The appeal of pure shea butter is that it’s hydrating without being slick and it creates a thicker barrier that gives the lipstick formula something other than your own lips to cling onto. On your lips, shea butter feels a bit waxy, is virtually colorless, and is about as close to matte lip balm as I imagine there could ever be. (It’s also a great alternative to lip balms for men, should you know someone who could use that tip.)

A tin of L’Occitane Shea Butter is just bigger than a quarter is only $12 and it’s a wonderful makeup bag multitasker. I love it for my cuticles because it isn’t as emollient as an oil or cuticle cream, so it doesn’t run down my fingers onto my devices. It’s also great on flyaways and dry patches, too. If you’re shopping in store, you can customize your travel size tin with your initials, too. They’re super cute!

Where to buy: L’Occitane

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