Olaplex Literally Saved My Hair

I’ve been fortunate in my career to have my hair cut, colored, styled, and treated by some of the most talented experts in the world, so I am sure you can imagine my frustration when not a single one of them recommended that I use Olaplex. Perhaps it was because the recommendation would have conflicted with a spokesperson contract, or because they thought I had already tried the treatment, but now that I see how impactful the results have been on my hair, I have to wonder why on earth it took me so long to try it. If you’re one of my beloved hair professionals, why did you do me so dirty?

Olaplex before
My hair before Olaplex

As someone who doesn’t feel completely like myself unless I’m a redhead, it takes a lot of bleach and upkeep to maintain this color. I’ve learned my fair share of tips & tricks over the years, but despite my best hydration efforts, my hair would never become soft or look smooth between color appointments. I still apply oil to the ends of my hair daily, avoid sulfates, rarely use heat tools, rely on high-quality hair products, and use deep conditioner frequently, but only after the introduction of Olaplex No. 3 did I see a marked difference in the quality of my hair.

Olaplex Step 3 Treatment Review
Olaplex Step 3 Treatment

When I returned from England last year, I insisted that the new salon I went to used Olaplex No. 1 and 2 on my hair during my appointment and had a bottle of No. 3 for me to take home after my service. I used it once weekly as directed for the first month after my appointment and then twice more when I felt like my hair needed a refresher. Sometimes I’d wear the treatment overnight, sometimes for as little as 30 minutes. I didn’t experience enough of an improvement based on the amount of time I wore the treatment to recommend wearing it for an extended period of time, however, I do recommend wearing it for as long as you feel comfortable before washing it out.

After using the treatment, my hair is smoother, softer, and less prone to breakage than it was before I began using it. I’ve also noticed that my hair is easier to style on lower heat settings and the styles hold longer than they did before. Loose waves like these were easy to create with 395° heat instead of 450° and held their shape even after being brushed out. For my ultra-fine hair, Olaplex has been a total game-changer.

What’s even more exciting is that the at-home treatment is now available on Sephora.com for only $28. If you’re a bleach-a-holic like I am, you’ll need to repurchase a bottle a few times a year, making the Sephora VIB sales the perfect time to stock up. Because Olaplex works by repairing the disulfide bonds in your hair, I highly recommend consulting your stylist before using the at-home treatment step on your own. Although my stylist was skeptical at first (specifically because I’m not a blonde), the results are undeniable.

When I shared that I was first using it on Instagram, I received two types of messages: those of you who love & swear by Olaplex, and those of you who are curious. Have you tried it yet? Am I preaching to the converted? Let me know in the comments below!